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RULES! JenniferL 36 2 yearsed2funy (4): Sometimes, Asha'man get into little scuffles. Actually, I think it is purposely making outlandish claims or even semi-insults, all with the intentions of getting someone to argue back. (i.e. I begin telling Millon his mother is a fat goat with no hair save on her rump all to get him pissed and attack in turn). If that's not it, I don't know what is. :(|)
how about lightinthebox? Selena 2 11 monthswolfbro (73): no one is here anymore... i check it maybe once a month. but it has died. i would recommend that you head over to Dragonmount's other forum. very much more active that this.
Merry Christmas! Demosthenes 2 1 yearSelena (1): about this Christmas,I want to buy a dress for my sister.she will married at Christmas day.Best wishes for her.... and this is the dress I want to buy, how about it?
Newest Images For Fun MoriKen 113 1 yearJanikin (1): picture share!!
dfdf recliasneak 2 1 yearwolfbro (73): hi
My AMOL Review (FULL SPOILERS) josh 15 1 yearWOT_lover (34): I agree on all of Josh's points. In previous books I read for the battle scenes. I loved those scenes, especially when Mat commands them, but this book just had too much battle. Literally 3/4 of this book was baattle. I wouldn't have minded much if they had changed it around and not had the same battle over and over just in different locations... It would have been nice if Perrin had actually led the wolves into battle and we saw the battle...
Theories (spoilers) MoriKen 2 1 yearWOT_lover (34): My one theory I had correct was that Rand would take Moridins body and his body would die. I had wrong the circumstances.
whats next? wolfbro 3 1 yearWOT_lover (34): I just finished AMOL. I'm sad now... lol. I have n clue what I'm going to read next.
Hump Day Downtime (Dm downagain) TheBongLord 12 2 yearscindy (10): I don't believe it anymore. this winter will never end.
is DM down for anyone else right now? cindy 23 2 yearscindy (10): this isn't a limited meltdown, the core is gone.
Again? Masema 20 2 yearscindy (10): I can't get on from my pc, iPad, work computer, anyone else's work computer. I'll try the laptop but I'm thinking I'm not getting access anywhere I've ever accessed from before. this time it's personal.
Hello From Corozal Town, Belize! faeleone 8 2 yearsfaeleone (64): Hi Hep, That's right! I forgot you were in Louisville. I don't dislike Louisville. I was born there. I have just wanted to move to Belize since I left 12.5 years ago. The weather is much better for me too. This town is wonderful. I wake up every morning to the beautiful bay sparkling in the bright morning sun with a cool breeze blowing in my face! Honestly, I don't like cities and physically can't handle the cold. And, it is such a great...
Casting for WoT movie andoran_g33k 302 2 yearsmerdin (4): James Franco or Joseph levitt as mat or in there at all
Talmanes and Demandred? Demosthenes 3 2 yearsTheFirestarter (25): He Was Also Given A Copy Of Comadrans Book, Fog And War. A Book Mat Has Mentioned When Asked About Where He Learned To Marshall An Army. As For Demanderd Being The King Of Murrandy ? I Don't Think So. Mat Has Been Reunited With The Band To Long. Something Would Have Happened By Now To Mat. To Me I See Shara And Seanchen In An Uproar. For My Money I'd Be Looking There. Thee One Thee Only Fire
Bela! merdin 1 2 yearsmerdin (4): I know you are all as sadened by the passing of bela and are mad that it happened as i am, but it really does give us the death that we all wanted from at least two of the major charecters. HER sacrafice gave olver the chance to get away when otherwise he would of died.
AMOL Major Spoilers Hep 14 2 yearsMoriKen (295): It feels to me that Brandon had to hit on certain plot points but they turned out to be a lot less epically written than many of us probably imagined. It was like a poor movie adaptation of a good book. Also I think Brandon has too many "saved in the nick of time" moments in all of his books so I'm never really concerned when characters look like they're about to be defeated. Some person or group always swoops in to save the day.
My Reaction to AMOL (No spoilers) Demosthenes 9 2 yearswolfbro (73): SILLY PROGRAM.... STOP IT.
The Hobbit, and Hope. wolfbro 10 2 yearstnfsinger (103): That's very true. While many of the subplots were interesting, they aren't needed for the story. The entire subplot of the girls hunting the Black Ajah for example. that could be condensed so much. Cut out some of the side character plots. The entire Perrin, Faile, and the Shaido thread could go away. That dominated the middle books in the series, and was useless really. the purpose of it was to push the transformation of Perrin into what he...
Drinking Game MoriKen 4 2 yearsMoriKen (295): I think that the overuse of this one word is a symptom of a bigger problem - that most characters' inner dialogue sounds almost the same. Oh well, I won't give any spoilers here ;)
Question (Spoilers) Demosthenes 2 2 yearsfaeleone (64): I thought so too. I think she is of course a wise one but also possibly a great great (how many ever generations back) grandmother to both Rand and Aviendha. Just my opinion of course. She did come after the dead were walking among the living.
Aaaaaand done! salkand 5 2 yearsfaeleone (64): Well not really. I have just started the last battle chapter. I have tissues right beside me.
Anticipation for A Memory of Light Demosthenes 13 2 yearswolfbro (73): the chapter the last battle is about 190 pages long...
I GOT IT Demosthenes 11 2 yearsDemosthenes (103): Have fun, you're in for a wild ride :D
Attack on Dragonmount. Ryrin 108 2 yearsJD94 (49): Isn't it weird? All of a sudden I cant name all the people on the board
Favorite Chapters? tnfsinger 2 2 yearsJD94 (49): I dont remember the names, but Rand on Dragonmount (TGS), Rand destroying the trolloc army at Maradon (ToM), Rand reviving Bandar Eban (also ToM), cleansing saiding (TWH), and Mat blowing the horn (GH).
Hi Y'all! faeleone 47 2 yearsWOT_lover (34): haha that would be something to see
Questions salkand 3 2 yearssalkand (34): If I'm diligent in reading I can finish all the books in 42 days. If I sacrifice sleep in order to do some extra reading. . . maybe I'll make it.
Leigh Butlers Spoiler Free Review! tnfsinger 3 2 yearsDemosthenes (103): Once again I am going to try to take my time and savor the book... and end up binge reading till the finish. I CAN'T HELP IT I'M SORRY
"The Memories of Light" (AMOL-spoilers!) Misheru 17 2 yearstnfsinger (103): Demos, I actually think that is highly possible. So far, there hasn't really been a purpose to that bond.. its just kinda been a annoyance. That could be the overall REASON for her bond, so that it could be passed to Moiraine. Rand wouldn't allow a new bond, even "new" Rand, because he thinks he will die and it will hurt those he is bonded too. But I think he WOULD allow Moiraine to take the bond.
Anyone here? Kaylee 36 2 yearsRekinu (1): I cant get in since early last week... :( Different browser is out of the question as I do NOT have access to FF or Chrome at work... :(
Bonding Ryrin 6 2 yearsacmeraptor (1): :D
Dreams Red 3 2 yearsRyrin (10): Interesting.
Kronos' Korner Kronos 30 2 yearsRyrin (10): Hello all! Can I only have a debit/Visa and I like it that way. Site is down for me.
First DM, now my internet . . . DaruyaSedai 51 2 yearsWildTaltos (4): evry sing le day lol
Who is Cyndane? faeleone 9 2 yearsfaeleone (64): All will be revealed! January 8, 2013! I am so anxious!!!
Count to Gazillion!!! Red 19 2 yearsJD94 (49): 20. cause im boring
Davrick's Hanging Thread Davrick 51 2 yearsBrandie (40): *gigglesnorts* I've always thought that! :D
AMOL Promotional Video Demosthenes 4 2 yearsBrandie (40): Excited!
The Hanging Hammock NyanTonks 3 2 yearsNyanTonks (4): hey Tress :) I'm making lots of christmas cards XD *buried in snippings and glue*
Site is down again! Ryrin 6 2 yearsacmeraptor (1): I saw this thread when it was started but got right in. If you have 10 minutes and can watch pg-13 to nc17 humor...
Tarmon Gai'don has begun! (RP Fun for all) Red 11 2 yearsRyrin (10): Ryrin, now uses Saidar to remove the man attacking Red.
Let's all hang together :P Elgee 353 2 yearsKathleen (10): Sweet! It was on just long enough for me to catch up with my most pressing work and then its back to vacation! Woo freaking hoo!!!
Word Association Red 465 2 yearsRandAlThor (4): mafia
Banana Crimson_Ayla 13 2 yearsSmiley73 (1): no eating my bonded.
Tress is Bored. Songstress 144 2 yearsKaylee (4): Congrats TG!
taltos cave WildTaltos 202 2 yearsWildTaltos (4): lol ...thnk im goin to leve aginst medicl advic agai n tomorow
What are you eating?? Red 25 2 yearsCloud (7): You are kinda always eating pringles.. You should watch out with that :P
Green Glo Room. Rasheta 122 2 yearsShauna (4): I also hope DM is up soon
THE WOLF CAVE Cloud 31 2 yearsCloud (7): *yawn*
I blame the pie. Reyreyshenaynay 87 2 yearsRed (7): Kittehs Thoughts: OMG Praise Cieling Cat the Hoomans gave me teh Cheezeburgers!! Ai Better nom dis right noa, nom all of dis right NOA! Kitteh Says: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM